Admission Process

General information
  • The admission process is all time open.
  • You may apply while you are a High School student.
  • Applicants are welcomed regardless of the High School profile.
  • În order to successfully fulfill all the academic and practical requirement, all the students must have a personal computer (laptop). For Digital Media & Design program the laptop must have IPS display, Operative Memory of 16GB minimum, and Storage Memory (SSD) of 512GB minimum.
What you should do?
  1. Make an appointment with the UMA counselor, here.
  2. Bring a Christian Character Reference.
  3. Write the required Essay – “Describe the beginning and present growth of your relationship with God and how you see yourself as a good match for Southeastern’s academic and spiritual environment.” See some tips.
  4. Provide a TOEFL score of 80 points minimum.
  5. Present High School transcript and Baccalaureate diploma.
  6. Apply at SEU as UMA counselor guides you.